Time and time again, we hear from our residents and their families how they so appreciate Timbercrest. How they are happy here. How they value the care they receive from us. How they have friends and are part of a loving community. How this is home. And how they are grateful for the existence of Timbercrest. Simply put, our residents are on the right path.More than 125 years ago, the Church of the Brethren embarked on a path that has led to today’s Timbercrest with its mission of providing housing and services for older adults. the path that Timbercrest has traveled over time has not always been straight and smooth–there have been bumps and curves along the way. But despite those challenges, Timbercrest has faithfully fulfilled its mission and its commitment to do things well.

Now, as we look to the past and look into the future, we stand firm on these commitments: We will stay on our path and serve our residents for years to come. And we will keep Timbercrest healthy and well so that it can handle the challenges the path presents into the future.

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“At Timbercrest, blessings cascade
like a fountain.”

– Art Hunn, Resident

The path people choose in life does make all the difference, as Robert Frost said in his epic 1920 poem, The Road Not Taken. “Yet knowing how way leads on to way,” it is important to make the right choice, an informed choice–for once we have started down a path it is likely that we will follow it on to wherever it leads us.

In recent years assessment of institutional and marketplace information has led Timbercrest to an understanding of the improvements we need to make to best sustain the organization and care for our residents in the years to come. Our path is clear. We must further develop our physical, programmatic and financial resources. Doing so will strengthen Timbercrest for future generations and enable us to enhance the lives of our residents.

The Pathways to Wellness Campaign is designed to help our residents achieve wellness on many levels: physical, emotional, psychological, financial, occupational, social, and spiritual. In addition, the campaign is designed to support the wellness of our organization.

This campaign reflects a five-point focus, the first of which is growing Timbercrest’s Endowment Fund.

“They show love to people.”

– Bert Butterbaugh, Resident

$300,000 for Building and Grounds Improvements

To increase the physical, emotional and social wellness of our residents, the campaign seeks to raise $200,000 to renovate the Health Care and Crestwood secure courtyard and to renovate the walking paths allowing residents to enjoy independent walks in a safe park-like setting. In addition, funds will be used to provide access to raised flowerbeds and a gazebo for group gatherings sheltered from the sun.

For increased accessibility, the campaign includes the need to raise $25,000 to build a Health Care entry vestibule with automatic doors for easy access and protection from inclement weather.

Further, the campaign calls for the construction of a network of walking trails on Timbercrest grounds to provide a safe environment for walking—a highly recommended activity for physical and mental health. This is a large project that will be completed in phases. Only phase one, valued at $50,000, is included in this project.

The final improvement to buildings and grounds is the $25,000 construction of a greenhouse for year-round gardening and to offer gardening opportunities for residents with physical limitations.

$540,000 for Fitness Improvements

As a pathway to physical wellness, the campaign calls for making $150,000 in improvements to Timbercrest’s therapy programming by expanding the physical therapy area and adding equipment and furnishings to enhance rehabilitative activities.

Also of significance is the $390,000 expansion and improvement of Timbercrest’s fitness activity area. This project will provide a large exercise space for individual and group fitness programming with up-to-date equipment in a convenient location to therapy staff for fitness routine management.

“The people here want to serve us.”

– Kenneth Dickey, Resident

$100,000 for Technology Advancements

Investing in building and maintaining a technology infrastructure to better serve residents and staff through improved communication and efficiency is an important campaign priority. Our society will only become more technologically dependent in the future and Timbercrest must be well positioned to take advantage of all that the digital age will offer.

$60,000 for Worship Center Improvements

To support the spiritual lives of our residents, the campaign calls for the construction of a Chapel entry vestibule. The Chapel is the center for spiritual wellness activities with worship programming six days per week. It is also the site for special gatherings such as memorial services. The use of the Chapel is hindered by the lack of an entry vestibule with automatic doors for ease of access and protection from inclement weather.

“We feel like we are part of one big family.”

– Dennis Butler, Resident

We are so fortunate at Timbercrest. We are grateful to our talented and conscientious employees who go above and beyond for our residents. Their many acts of kindness exemplify the deeply caring culture of Timbercrest. The support of our board leadership and community continues to reflect the fact that Timbercrest is a highly valued asset in the region. The work of our volunteers inspires each of us to do more and do it better. And the ongoing, faithful commitment of our friends and donors motivates us to reach even higher. Hundreds of people from different walks of life come together here to be the light that helps our residents find their path forward.Your consideration of the Pathways to Wellness Campaign reflects the important difference you can make in the lives of so many people. As a resident once said to us: “Before Timbercrest I didn’t know where I was going. Thank you for helping me find my way.”

You are that light. We are grateful for all that you are doing to support the Timbercrest mission.

“You know you’re taken care of.”

– Peggy Workman, Resident