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For so many of the issues older adults face while living at home, a senior living community offers a positive alternative. Consider them side by side and see how senior living could be the wise choice for your family:

Planned Living
Social Life
Isolation from friends; inability to participate in activities with others
The warm company of peers; abundant cultural, social, educational and entertainment opportunities every day
Reliance on others’ availability to get to and from appointments and events
Scheduled car or bus service always available for appointments and outings
Eating alone; prepackaged meals; difficulty following special dietary guidelines
Dining with neighbors; table service; freshly prepared cuisine; accommodations for many special diets
Greater difficulty with household chores and maintenance
Housekeeping, linen service and maintenance provided by professional staff
Emergency Assistance
Anxiety over whether help will be available immediately
An emergency alert system in each apartment; a 24-hour staff ready to assist
Limited or no access to adequate exercise programs and equipment
Daily fitness opportunities available to help increase mobility, strength and overall wellness
Greater dependence on others for assistance with daily tasks; feeling like a “bother”
Appropriate, discreet support provided by a caring staff, which leads to greater independence


Starting a conversation with a family member about moving to a life plan community can be difficult. If you’re feeling nervous, uncomfortable or guilty bringing up the subject, the following tips can make the conversation a little easier.

  • Be prepared. Do your research before the conversation takes place so you can provide thorough information about senior living, assisted living and independent living options.
  • Let everyone have a role. Invite all parties involved to talk openly about options. Make sure your family members feel their concerns are being heard.
  • Talk when you’re at your best. Choose a moment when you and your family are rested and feeling well.
  • Choose a partner. Consider inviting a trusted outside party to join in the discussion, such as a family physician, clergy member or family friend.
  • Listen. Hearing and understanding everyone’s wishes and concerns is imperative.
  • Revisit. Don’t expect to reach a decision instantly. Many people discuss senior living options over the course of several communications, and it’s important to give your family members some time to absorb the information you share.

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